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Loving Yorkie Puppies

Make your family a little bit bigger by adopting one of our friendly Yorkie puppies. Fulghum Safe Haven Kennel has several dogs available. Find your new pet today by visiting our location in Stonewall, Louisiana.

One-of-a-Kind Doggies

If you're looking for a dog with personality, choose a Yorkie. These fun-loving puppies enjoy interacting with both adults and children. Although these pups are very playful, they are also fragile, so we recommend supervising them while they are around children ages 8 and under.

Each of our dogs looks differently and has their own personality. While no two Yorkshire Terriers are alike, they generally love:

  • Belly Rubs
  • Cuddling
  • Chewing on Biscuits
  • Playing with Toys
  • Being Dressed Up
  • Sitting in Laps
  • Getting Attention
  • Dancing

Starting at $1,000.00 and up depending on color and size.


Yorkies are known for their silky, wiry hair, so they require a little more maintenance. To keep it looking its best, we recommend grooming your dog once every 1 to 2 months. A hair brushing is required at least every night as well.

Yorkie Being Groomed



Brown Yorkie


Light Tan Yorkie
Small Golden Yorkie