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About Us

At Fulghum Safe Haven Kennel, we love raising family-friendly pooches for dog lovers to own. Our trusted team cares for each puppy that we breed from birth until they are adopted. We are always there for them because we consider these lovable fur babies our children.

While in our care, our puppies for sale are housed in kennels that are cleaned daily. Additionally, we let our animals out to play every day so that they can interact with each other. This playtime helps improve their temperament with other dogs.

Puppy Parents

As an experienced dog breeder, we make sure the parents of our puppies are loved. The proud mothers and fathers receive good food, health care, attention, and loads of playtime. We are especially there for the moms during their pregnancies.

To keep them safe from inclement weather, we house the parents in comfortable kennels. These shelters are located in our backyard, which is surrounded by a 25' x 65' privacy fence. There is also a huge dog house that we purchased and assembled for them in our yard.

Veterinarian & Medical Care

One of our top priorities is to keep our canines in good health. For this reason, all of our pups receive regular checkups. During these examinations, our furry friends are checked from head to tail, as well as de-wormed by a reputable veterinarian who we have worked with for over 30 years. This way, their future owners will be able to adopt them with a clean bill of health.

In addition, we don't allow our dogs to touch the ground right after their birth. They are only allowed on the ground once they've gotten their second round of shots.

Pet Delivery Services

We will meet face-to-face within 6 hour round trip radius. We can also do additional traveling for an additional travel fee. Your pet will also come with their registration papers, shot records, and one year health warranty.

Our Kennels

We hold a higher standard for the quality of the living and care of our dogs. We clean our kennels daily, and the kennels feature mesh fencing with a sturdy, metal-framed roof overhead that is raised high up. Our doghouses are 12 feet tall and 24 feet deep. We also provide a large play area with a privacy fence for our dogs.