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Super-Sweet and Cuddly Bulldogs

Turn to Fulghum Safe Haven Kennel to choose one of our French Bulldog puppies to become your new friend. We have a few of these wonderful pets for sale. Short in height, our stocky pups will only grow to be 1' to 1.5' tall, making them the perfect size for any family.

Additionally, none of our dogs have the same personality. While generally playful, sweet, and cuddly, bulldogs have their own character. They interact well with families that have older and more mature children and teenagers. However, we recommend supervising them around kids ages 10 and under. This way, they can be cared for responsibly.

Puppy Spotlight

Currently, we have a few cute puppies that are really in need of good homes. Goliath and Titian are 2 fun-loving dogs who like being around people. Isabella, the only girl, is also ready to be adopted. All of our pups weigh 2.9 pounds and are 6 weeks old. They also take after their father that was imported from Russia.

Each of our dogs looks differently and has their own personality. While no two French Bulldogs are alike, they generally love:
  • Belly Rubs
  • Cuddling
  • Chewing on Biscuits
  • Playing with Toys

French Bulldogs

Veterinarian's Checkup, Health Certificate, and Traveling Crate - $200
Plane Delivery - $300

Happy French Bulldog

Quality Care

We want you to know that all of our French Bulldogs receive the proper love and care that they need. Their health is maintained by a referral-based veterinarian. If you would like, feel free to call us to verify our vet's credentials

Hair Maintenance

Because bulldogs are low maintenance, their short hair can be easily groomed. No matter the color of their coat, they can be cleaned the same way. French Bulldogs' coats come in many shades, including brindle, blue fawn, and white.

Brown Bulldog

White Bulldog
Zoey French Bulldog